Finding and arranging the perfect swap is not an easy thing to do

Firstly, you must list your item as available to swap and then you must find the person who not only has what you want but who wants what you have.  And all of this must happen on a platform with millions of users.  How will you find that person?  Finding that perfect swap is like finding a needle in a haystack.  SwapU let’s you trade, swap, barter and exchange and makes it all easy and convenient.

So, what would make swapping easier?

  1. Make it easy for people to list their swappable items
  2. Create a community of swappers. One which brings in all the groups who already swaps.  More swappers will mean that you are more likely to find your needle in the haystack
  3. Allow people to choose their possible swaps from a wide array of categories
  4. Give people the ability to approach the other traders to ask them to consider their items for a swap
  5. Promote bartering within the app where the monetary value might be different. This will allow the swappers to agree a trade.
  6. Make the swap itself as convenient as possible.

This is what SwapU does.  We help you find the perfect swap.

Download the app here.

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