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Barter Your Way to the Best Swap with SwapU

Being able to barter your way to the best swap with SwapU.  When looking to swap your goods for someone else’s goods you first of all need to place a realistic value on it.   The phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” applies here. Use this knowledge to your benefit when finalising a trade. Strong negotiation skills are a

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How to Swap on Facebook

Swapping is easy right?  Well yes, it is but you need to know some main points before you get in to the world of swapping. Ask yourself why you want to swap and not sell Sometimes selling will work better for you because you just need the cash and that’s understandable.  But sometimes the money that you’ll get from selling

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Swapping! Why?

Swapping! Why? Before money existed, people would swap and barter goods and services.  It made sense then and it still makes sense now.   Here’s how; Save money Make money Save time You get the real value of your goods and services, not just the cash value Unlock the value in your goods and services and get more goods and services

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