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Swap goods and save the environment

The process of swapping is basic but it’s implications can be huge. 

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Swapping is the cure for buyers remorse

We all do it.  We all buy things that we don’t need Everyone has done

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Barter Your Way to the Best Swap with SwapU

Being able to barter your way to the best swap with SwapU.  When looking to

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SwapU recognised by the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur

SwapU has been recognised by The Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur.

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Agreeing Value with SwapU – It’s not all about cash!

The first thing I am always asked as the founder of a startup that is based on

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How to Swap for a Boat

Sometimes in life we want to try new things or to pick up again on hobbies or

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Swapping Comics and Trading Cards

Swapping Comics and Trading Cards We all remember a time at school, in the

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How to Swap Cars, Trucks and 4×4’s

Swapping cars, trucks and 4×4’s is surprisingly common.  People

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How to Swap on Facebook

Swapping is easy right?  Well yes, it is but you need to know some main points

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Sell and Lose or Swap and Win?

Ask yourself this How much time and money have gone in to getting the goods

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Experiences, Ownership and Swapping

  When you look back over your life do you want to say that you are rich

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Stone Soup. A Lesson in Life

Stone Soup.  A Lesson in Life. A folk tale as old as time itself Long ago a

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