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Follow our blog and download our app and you’ll learn how to swap with SwapU. SwapU connects people who want to swap to a marketplace of swappable goods and then make swapping easy and convenient.

Here at SwapU we believe in the circular economy.  An economy where resources remain in use for as long as possible.   Why own goods and sell them at a loss when you need new goods?  Worse still would be owning goods  and not using them, allowing them to degrade and waste away.  This model is highly inefficient as we waste what we purchase whilst all the time knowing the earth’s resources are infinite.  Learn about swapping with SwapU!

Follow our blog and download our app and become a master swapper today.

At SwapU swappers negotiate towards an agreed value and make trades that can include swapping one item for multiple items or could include cash as a part of the trade.  You can even swap and trade up.  Have you ever heard of “The Red Paperclip”. Kyle MacDonald swapped and traded his way from a red paperclip all the way to a house.  What can you trade up to?

Goods don’t always need to be traded through cash.  Swapping with SwapU allows people to get new items by bartering and trading towards an agreed value. Use the real value of the item which lies in not only what someone would pay in cash for it but what someone would swap for it.  Cash is king but barter is smarter.

SwapU connects people who want to swap to a marketplace of swappable goods and then makes swapping easy and convenient.

Our Team

Nicholas Robertson

Founder, CEO

Watching people trade has always interested me.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say. Bringing SwapU to life has been a great experience.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.  Happy swapping!  Follow me on LinkedIn.

Jordan Piggott


Startup enthusiast and builder of Apps.  Building SwapU for you so you can make swapping an easy and fun thing to do.


Chad Fallotin

Full Stack Developer

Chad is a Brisbane based full stack developer with a focus on UI/UX.

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