How to Swap Cars, Trucks and 4×4’s

Swapping cars, trucks and 4×4’s is surprisingly common.  People have traded, swapped and exchanged cars for a long time.  Cash doesn’t have to be the only way that we acquire new items.   Car enthusiasts know that if they want a different car and they decide to go to a second-hand car trader they will possibly not get the cars true value.  They might need to borrow more money to get the car that they need.  If you can find someone who has the car that you want and who wants the car that you have then why not trade?

Swapping cars is a great idea and here’s why;

  • Save money
  • You can do it multiple times. You could swap your car once a month if you found people wanting your car
  • It’s a fun experience to drive different cars. Car lovers love to swap

How do I swap my car?

Essentially the same process applies if you were to sell the car.  This depends on the laws and regulations in your state so make sure you check your own state’s laws before you proceed.  A brief guide of what you need includes;

  • Making sure no money is owing on the car
  • Transfer the vehicle registration
  • A satisfactory safety certificate conducted by a registered person
  • Proof of identity
  • Payment of a registration transfer fee

All the required documentation for QLD can be found in the link below.


If you’d like to swap your car then start by placing it on Facebook groups and other online second-hand retailers like Gumtree.  Start on your local Facebook page then check out SwapU’s car page on or upload your car on the app available through our webpage at


And don’t be shy about it.  Get out there and offer your car to other swappers.  The worse they can do is say no.

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