Frequently Asked Questions about SwapU

Frequently Asked Questions


Here we will answer some of your most frequently asked questions.  As swappers who are new to swapping and swappers who have been swapping for a long time, you’ve all had questions so let’s get some of your most frequently asked questions answered.


What is SwapU?

SwapU is an app-based service for swappers.  Our aim is to make swapping easy and convenient.  We are THE swappers marketplace.  All other marketplaces allow swapping but it’s hard to know who the real swappers are whereas everyone on SwapU is here to swap.  There is no maybe swappers, everyone is open to swapping as a way of transaction.


Is SwapU free?

Yes.  SwapU is entirely free.


How do I swap with SwapU?

Simply list an item and then offer your item to someone else in exchange.  You ask the other swapper if they’d like to consider a swap.  If they are interested, then you will be taken to a chat room where you can talk about the details.


Can I have my swapped items delivered?

Yes.  Absolutely.  We have the best possible delivery partner too.  Sendle can have your item delivered to your front door the next day.  Read more here


What if I get a swap offer and I’m not interested?

No worries.  No hassle at all.  Simply reply with “No thanks”.  You don’t have to accept every offer.  It is all part of the process.


What can I swap?

You can swap anything that you own that you believe has a value to someone else.  On SwapU we have everything from cars all the way to clothes and shoes.


What can’t I swap?

Anything illegal.  Items that you can’t swap are outlined in more detail in our terms and conditions.


Can I swap more than one thing?

Yes.  You can offer as many items as you like in exchange for one item.  You could offer three items for one item or even ten items for one.


Can I add cash to my swap?

Yes.  In the swap offer screen you will see a small box to tick.  This alerts the other swapper that you would like to swap your item plus cash.  In the chat room you will be able to be more specific with the amount and to negotiate your swap plus cash offer.

If you’re ready to start swapping with SwapU then download the app today at

So that’s it!  That’s SwapU.  If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at any point at