Swapping Comics and Trading Cards

Swapping Comics and Trading Cards We all remember a time at school, in the playground when we would be eagerly exchanging the latest football cards or perhaps even marbles.  For me it was marbles.  When I was a kid, we would play marbles and try to win the best and most decorative marbles from our friends.  If we couldn’t win

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How to Swap Cars, Trucks and 4×4’s

Swapping cars, trucks and 4×4’s is surprisingly common.  People have traded, swapped and exchanged cars for a long time.  Cash doesn’t have to be the only way that we acquire new items.   Car enthusiasts know that if they want a different car and they decide to go to a second-hand car trader they will possibly not get the cars true

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Sell and Lose or Swap and Win with SwapU?

What does it mean to sell and lose or swap and win with SwapU? If you sell you lose the money that you spent on the item.  Why not think about the item your selling differently.  Look at the value of the item through a medium other than cash.  Can’t a table be worth $100 but it can also be

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Experiences, Ownership and Swapping

  When you look back over your life do you want to say that you are rich with objects and trinkets or rich with unforgettable experiences? Ownership of items can limit our experiences because owning something means that there are many things that you can’t own due to lack of money.  If you rely on your possessions to provide you

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