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“Swapping reduces waste so if you want to create less waste and you are unable to put together a Big Aussie Swap party, place your swappable items on SwapU to keep them in circulation.”.
Planet Ark
Ryan Collins
Head of Sustainable Resource Programs, Planet Ark
Fantastic– 5 stars. Wonderful ‘another man’s treasure’ type concept for an app. Easy to use and fun to browse through an array of items available for trade.
Ali Ey Ey
SwapU user
Great app – 5 stars. Easy to use and a great way to get second hand items (sometimes even new) by getting rid of what you don’t need anymore! Saving money big time!
Kirra K
SwapU user
Best trading and swapping app to date. Such an easy and user friendly interface. Found it very easy to use and find what I was looking for.
Anthony French
SwapU user

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Frequently ask questions

How can we help you?

Below are a few questions that are most commonly asked about SwapU.  If you have anymore that aren’t listed please contact us via the contact form.

SwapU is an app-based service for swappers.  Our aim is to make swapping easy and convenient.  We are a swapping only marketplace (although you can add cash as well if you like).  All other marketplaces allow swapping but it’s hard to know who the real swappers are whereas everyone on SwapU is here to swap.  There is no “maybe” swappers, everyone is open to swapping as a way of transaction.

SwapU is available on iOS and Android.  Simply go to the app store for your device and download us from there.  Or you can use one of the links on this page.

Yes.  It is entirely free to swap with SwapU.

Simply list an item and then offer your item to someone else in exchange.  You ask the other swapper if they’d like to consider a swap.  If they are interested, then you will be taken to a chat room where you can talk about the details. From there you can arrange a delivery if you wish.  It is that easy.

Yes and no.  You can swap anything that is legal to otherwise be sold without a license.  You cannot swap items like alcohol or smoking instruments as well as a many other items that require a license to own such as many weapons.  Of course you cannot swap anything that does not belong to you and that is stolen. For details please have a look at our Terms and conditions page.  

Yes.  You can include cash if you believe that adding cash will sweeten the deal and make a swap more likely.  We have that option on our swap offer page.

Yes! You can offer as many items in exchange for one item.  If you think that a swap is more likely to occur if you offer multiple items in exchange for one item than you may offer as many items as you wish.  You can do this in the swap offer section of the app.

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