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SwapU is the free and easy to use app for swappers.

Download SwapU, add an item and start swapping now!

SwapU Features

Find the Perfect Swap

Previously finding that perfect swap was difficult. SwapU makes it easy.  Find out more here.

Add cash to sweeten the deal

SwapU allows users to “swap + cash”

Free to use

This app is free to use.  You will not be charged to connect and swap.

SwapU is THE Swappers Marketplace

New items are added every day and everyone is here to swap

Environmentally Friendly

Save wastage by redistributing goods that are no longer needed.

Who's heard of ``The Red Paperclip``?

A man swapped a red paperclip for a house.  Check out Kyle MacDonald’s story here.

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SwapU is the Swappers Marketplace

Gallery of Items on SwapU

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